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Magister - Wizard of Three


Looks grumpy, acts grumpy, but is a little bit of a romantic deep inside. Usually never talks about his personal feelings (with one notable exception when he’s talking with Redkevik. But even then not about all of it for reasons, see below).

He strongly believes in the righteousness of the Order and the Lost Word of the Lords after finishing this scionship and acolyte rank under Lordseeker Rohkovas. His Engineer used to be that Scion and Acolyte and for a short while followed that Purpose (still titled Scholar then), but even though it shaped a lot of his world view and he found it rather interesting, he found more fulfillment in actually doing something hands-on.

Kazra had a very stable career this far, having found a good balance between his parts and purposes. He likes what he does and he’s good at it. 

He only lacks some emotional/social fulfillment. 

Having been given the rank of Magister he is allowed to have Scions, but only his warrior had Scions and Acolytes in the past, but neither of his other parts.

Wizard (Sage)

His main purpose as Sage is to teach and guide new primal wizards. He’s very kind and patient about it, having a way with Primals that makes them respond very positively to him that comes as a surprise to most others that precise him as rather harsh and grumpy. 

He’s also teaching some classes on applied Pyromancy when he’s not actively taking care of slap fresh Primals.

Warrior (Pyromancer)

As a high ranking Pyromancer he’s managing and deploying the weaponry of his division. He likes to blow stuff up and he's really good at it too. Being very certain about the righteousness of the Order's actions, he takes pride in his work and engages the enemy with strong conviction and without mercy.

Engineer (Creationist)

As a Creationist he’s usually taking care of the heavy manual and magical labor that comes with building new structures either in space or underground. He’s not working under a fixed custodian and is deployed where he’s needed.  He enjoys building spaces, making a given vision take shape, and the physical and mental exhaustion that comes with the work. He’s not particularly creative himself, so he is content in bringing other wizards' plans to life.


Kazra is very much attached to Redkevik emotionally and they are spending a lot of time together. Not as much anymore as they used to, given that their Warriors no longer serve under the same Grandmaster, but Kazra still makes an effort to seek out Redkevik whenever he finds the chance to do so (usually now with his Wizard). 

He has in fact fallen very much in love with Redkevik, desiring a much closer connection between them mentally as well as physically, however, he is aware and has accepted that he probably never will be able to actually act on these feelings.

Redkevik is aware of these feelings, intimately so due to the memories he sees when he is with Yettadeimos. Kazra does not know that however and assumes that either, if Redkevik is aware, he deliberately ignores it, or Redkevik simply is incapable of seeing or understanding these feelings. 

Kazra of course is also not aware that Redkevik, despite being very fond of Kazra as well, can't allow himself to get that close to any other wizard due to being actually a chaos wizard. Kazra henceforth has concluded that while Redkevik obviously likes him, he doesn't like him the way he wants to. And he has accepted that. He will not jeopardize their friendship by forcing this matter.


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