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Commission Info

Things have changed quite a bit since last I offered commissions. Besides the fact that I have a lot less time now to do them, I will also have to pay up to 40% income tax on it. So, commissions are open for now, but primarily first and foremost so I may figure out if this will work for me time and money wise in my current RL situation.


Full body Full Colour: 230€

Waist Up Full Colour: 190€

Includes minimal Background of choice, everything else can be negotiated.

Style wise these will be cell-shaded in my usual style. (For styles that differentiate from that, please send the link to the art from my gallery too so I know what you're after.)


If you're interested in a commission please send me an E-Mail with as much information as possible. Take notice of the Copyright and Privacy Policies below.

Information to include:

  • Information about the character (description, height, colours. Alternatively reference pictures*)
  • Pose and Background
  • If the character has a real life "face claim" please do include it as well
  • Reference pictures to any armour or weapons that should be included

  • *If possible please send a link to the refferences (like a Google Drive or Dropbox folder)

    After receiving the request I will calculate the costs based on complexity of the requested artwork and get in contact with you for further information.

    Keep possible wait time in mind. I can only do a very few commissions per month and I might not respond immediately. I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible, but please be patient with me.

    I'll try to answer you within a week if possible, but it shouldn't take longer than two.

    The queue will be worked on first come first serve. I may work on several commissions at the same time if communication is slow. You will receive the sketch after it is done so you can request changes. No major changes after you greenlit the sketch.

    After that the next thing you'll receive is the finished picture. You still can request minor changes in colouration.

    What I will draw

    Basically everything that isn't illegal or explicit gore. I am fine with general violence and blood. Also don't ask me to draw spiders.

    As long as you give me a good description of what you want and some good references to work with, I'll draw you whatever you want.


    Payment (for now) via PayPal. After we come to an agreement I'll send you a PayPal invoice. I'll start working on your commission after payment has been received.


    You're free to use, post and edit the commissioned art in any way shape or form for private purposes. If you intend to use the commissioned art for commercial purposes a specific arrangement can be made.

    I'll keep the right to use the commissioned art for any promotional purposes (for example posting it on my blog and websites to advertise my commission page.)

    Exclusivity can be negotiated.

    Privacy Policy

    By entering into a contract with me you agree to the use and storage of your Email-Address for communication purposes and any other private information necessary to fulfil the contract. Read the Privacy Policy for more information. Also you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the contract.

    Okay, that was a lot of text, if you read all that, I invite you to: Request a commission now!