1. Wizards first arrive on earth. Including Yoctotyr and Zargothrax. The Dark Tower is built as a base of operation and home for the first wizards on earth.
  2. Battle of Kilchoan - Warrior Zargothrax is on Earth too and commanding the forces of Mezchinhar in the Battle of Kilchoan, Ralathor is only a Soldier here.
  3. Wizard Ralathor is brought into time by Exavidar and starts his studies as Primal Wizard in Mezchinhar.
  4. Scholar Ralathor is build and becomes Zargothrax’ Scion on Earth.
  5. The hell portal is built beneath the Citadel of Dundee. Zargothrax disappears. Prophecy about Dundee’s fall is written.
  6. Scholar Ralathor returns to the Tower beneath Cowdenbeath. Wizard Ralathor starts apprenticeship under Exavidar. Dundax is born on Earth.
  7. Dundax founds the city of Dundee and becomes the first King of Dundee. It is a big deal - because it is Dundee and all wizards on earth know that name from prophecy.
  8. Ralathor first gets his Warrior (built based on the Soldier by Exavidar) and is granted the Rank of Circle Wizard. His Wizard continues to study under Exavidar.
  9. Angus McFife is born.
  10. Warrior Arrives in TU and goes to Achnasheen, Zargothrax takes Dundee.
  11. Zargothrax conquers Dundee in the Unicorn Invasion of Dundee.
  12. The Hootsman leaves Unst to fight at Angus side in the final battle.
  13. The Hermit is in the Caves beneath Dundee. The first Angus McFife goes on the quest to get the Hammer of Glory and defeats Zargothrax, sparing his life to let him be imprisoned.
  14. Angus arrives in the Terror Universe and is send first to Achavanich and then to space by Ralathor to recharge his Hammer that was drained by the Hootsman\'s rematerializing in the TU.
  15. Angus and Hootsman kill Wizard Zargothrax. Angus is stabbed by the Knife of Evil and ends his own life. Ralathor saves Angus by transferring his consciousness into an AU version of Angus.
  16. The Hootsman conquers California and becomes King there.
  17. Angus McFife XIII is born.
  18. Angus McFife XIII is the Prince of Fife. Hootsman lays down the acting for a hot moment to fight with Angus again in the Battle of Mars.
  19. Zargothrax is freed, Triton completely destroyed.
  20. Scholar Ralathor, the Hermit, is in the ancient tunnels when he realizes that Zargothrax is there with him and is trying to open the hell portal.
  21. Hootsman blows up earth - Hootsman, Zargothrax and Angus make it through the Vortex. The Hermit is vaporized. Warrior Ralathor portals through the Vortex. Start of the TU Timeline.
  22. Warrior Ralathor returns from TU Timeline, saves Angus, gets the Hootsman, and parks the Hootsforce in the Twilight Galaxy.
  23. The Stargazer disconnects from the rest of him and disappears.
  24. The DSS Hootsforce is patrolling the Twilight Galaxy under a made up purpose while Warrior Ralathor oversees Angus’ recovery.
  25. Quadirymir almost causes total annihilation of Hatir and Tyr which is only prevented by the Crew of the Hootsforce.
  26. The Hootsman loses his heart in an encounter with Quadirymir, with the help of Francesco Cavellery the Hootsforce’s crew manage to get him a new heart.
  27. The Hootsfoce’s crew is invited back to Hatir to celebrate Leitnacht.
  28. Angus breaks down and is made aware of the other Angus.
  29. Ralathor is forced to separate the two Angus. TG!Angus returns to earth.

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