Universe : Law of Fire - Wizard Name Generator

Wizards have commonly 2 to 4 parts. Wizards rarely stay at 1 part after their Primal stage. 5 Parts is rather uncommon but not unheared off. Everything over 5 is extremly uncommong but possible. It will get too overwhelming at a certain point.

It's very unlikly for a wizard of 3 or less parts to have a Stargazer, but not impossible. Wizards of one becoming Stargazer are usually discontinued.

A Wizard below the Rank of High Wizard may not become a Custodian or hold any higher ranks within the Military.


Lord Wizard - The most powerful (in terms of authority) wizards in Mezchinar.

Grand Wizard - The highest rank a Wizard can realistically reach

Magister - First allowed to have Scions and Acolytes

High Wizard - Grands the right to claim stuff in the universes to their liking, a Masterium has to be finished before reaching this rank

Circle Wizard - most common rank

Provost - The right to create more than one additional part, an additional Warrior part is required at this Rank to become a Circle Wizard if one hasn't been created yet. A stability test has to be taken before reaching this rank.

Lesser Wizard - first rank no longer bound to another Wizard, kind of a right of passage to become a real respected wizard. To reach it an extensive exam of universal realities, customs and magic is taken.

Acolyte of ... - given after completion of education under Grand Wizard or Magister, but still under their wing

Scion of ... - Lowest Rank, given when under teaching of Grand Wizard or Magister

Primal Wizard - A newly build wizard with only one part in Mezchinhar, only studying.

Warrior Ranks

Wizards below the Rank of High Wizard may not become Master, General or Commander.