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Libary of Mezdovat

Everything in this wiki is still a work in progress, that includes especially any texts already uploaded. This is not polished yet and it won't be for quite some time. This is a proof of concept if anything. All informations may be subject to change or at least will be rewritten at some point.

The Circles

Circles are divided into planes horizontally and chapters vertically. Direction is declared as ascension (360°/0° basically Mezchinhar's north)


Circle of the Lords /The first Circle

Located at Mezchinhar's heart surrounding the Ium. Most wizards are not allowed to enter the first Circle. The first Circle also referred to the very top of wizard society, the wizards in Mezaiz that make all the decisions.


Circle of force - military complex

One of the largest circles in Mez, fashion is very military, lots of black and practical outfits

Mezax (circle of fire - weapon engineering) - Subcircle of Mezboahn and Mezhenxen, Wizards from Mezax often have a very distinct drawl as accent. 


Circle of creation - Construction and fabrication complex

Very practically orientated, even in clothing


Circle of existence - Creation of Parts and Wizards

Mostly Soulturners, fashion is very bright, much white and gold.


Circle of learning - Storage and curation of knowledge and information

Mostly Keepers, fashion similar to Mezhestvo, white and gold. These wizards are often very soft spoken, very quiet. 

Meznazonuk (circle of knowledge) - Subcircle of Mezdovat, archive of information

Mezkrov (circle of keeping) - Subcircle of Mezdovat, where lordly artefacts and stuff is kept.