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Everything in this wiki is still a work in progress, that includes especially any texts already uploaded. This is not polished yet and it won't be for quite some time. This is a proof of concept if anything. All informations may be subject to change or at least will be rewritten at some point.

Ranks Mezchinhar

Ranks given to a wizard based on experience and status.

Military ranks are valued higher than the normal Mezchinhar ranks. The rank of Grandmaster for example is valued higher than Grand Wizard.

Wizard of the Lords

A Wizard that has been created by the starlords themselves. Almost all Wizards of the Lords are Lord Wizards (with only a few exceptions for those not deemed fit to lead), but not all Lord Wizards are Wizards of the Lords.

Lord Wizard

The most powerful (in terms of authority) wizards in Mezchinar. Mostly resign in Mezaiz. Lord Wizard is not a rank that any normal wizard can reach naturally. New Lord wizards are, if necessary, created for only that purpose and not made to climb the ranks normally.

Grand Wizard

The highest rank a Wizard can normally reach. The rank of Grand Wizard is granted to Wizards that have proven exceptionally reliable, of great service to order, achieved great feats of magic, or proven otherwise valuable beyond the expected. Wizards who’s Warrior reached the rank of Grandmaster/Fleetmaster Fieldgeneral/Stargeneral are usually eventually granted the title of Grand Wizard as well.


First can have Scions and Acolyte. A High Wizard can apply to be evaluated at any point to reach this rank. The evaluation is conducted by the First Circle. Any wizard deemed unsuitable to teach other wizards will not reach this rank. The basis of the evaluation is however not quite transparent.

High Wizard

Including the right to claim stuff in the universes to their liking, a Masterium has to be finished before reaching this rank. A Masterium doesn’t have to be any ground breaking new discovery, but it must be original and display an exceptional understanding of applied magic.

Circle Wizard

Most common rank, an additional Warrior part is required at this Rank if one hasn't been created yet. A wizard without a Warrior can not become a Circle Wizard or any other higher rank.


Grands the right to create more than one additional part. A stability test has to be taken before reaching this rank. It’s not uncommon for some Purposes, like Soulturners, to stay at this rank indefinitely and never create a Warrior Part. This is seen as a benefit, as they are at less danger of getting corrupted by chaos.

Lesser Wizard

First rank to no longer be strictly bound to another Wizard, right of passage thing to become a real respected wizard. To reach it an extensive exam of universal realities, customs and magic is taken. Usually only a temporary rank till the rank of Provost is reached.

Acolyte of ...

Given after completion of education under grand Wizard or Magister, still under their wing. Acolytes function like an assistant to the wizard they studied under. There is no formal timeframe for how long a wizard can or should be an Acolyte. Acolyte is the only rank that can be held even as further ranks are acquired. A Lesser Wizard or Provost may still be an Acolyte to another Wizard if both wizards see it as beneficial to their purpose. (This is often the case with Archmages and their Acolytes till they reach the rank of High Wizard). It’s not impossible for a Grand Wizard to be still an Acolyte to another wizard, even one of lower rank, but it is really uncommon.

Scion of ...

Lowest Rank, given when under teaching of Grand Wizard or Magister. Scions are students of another wizard. Grants the right to create one additional Part (for a total of two Parts) 

 A scionship usually lasts for a few decades to 1-2 centuries at most, depending on the complexity of the learned purpose. Notoriously high skill purposes, like Envoys or Mages, have the longest Scionships while the more repetitive purposes like Pathfinder or Medium quickly reach the rank of Acolyte.

Primal Wizard

A newly built wizard with only one part in Mezchinhar, only studying. Only ever one part. 

The time a wizard stays a Primal Wizard (often called just “Primal”) has become a lot longer. After the War of six Iums it was very common to send the Primals out into the Multiverse as a Scion very quickly, today it’s not unusual for a Primal to stay in Mezchinhar for thousands of years before ever setting foot outside of it. 

This time is not only used for studying, but als to fully accustomed them into the Mezchinhar lifestyle and the required customs. It’s not unusual to have Primals already fulfilling simple purposes inside of Mezchinhar long before they officially become a Scion.