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Libary of Mezdovat

Everything in this wiki is still a work in progress, that includes especially any texts already uploaded. This is not polished yet and it won't be for quite some time. This is a proof of concept if anything. All informations may be subject to change or at least will be rewritten at some point.

Wizards - Build

Build differences of Parts

Not all Wizards are created equally.
As a rule of thumb one can say: The more powerful and magically capable a wizard is, the heavier he is and the easier he is to be recognized as a wizard.

(Example: Yettadeimos impressive height is due to the fact that he is packed full with magic strong enough to make it possible for him to overpower most other wizards mentally, magically as well as physically. The act of Memory Evaluation is extremely taxing on the Mindcrawler's body, using his full magical potential, and he will burn through his magic after several uses. He is also very, very heavy.)

Purpose-built Envoys are the most “human”. They are indistinguishable from any human by observation or scan. They are as heavy as a human would be, they display any function a human would have. The only way to confirm them to be a wizard is to cut them open and check for hidden magic.

For most regular parts many of the functions and human like features are omitted since they aren’t necessary (tear ducts, sweat glands, etc)

Warriors are the heaviest under the Wizards. They are not built to blend in. They are much sturdier and much stronger than humans, with extra reinforced “bone” structure. Their magical abilities are the strongest of most common parts and they have the most redundancies in place to act as failsaves in case of injury.

It is a balancing act that especially chaos wizards are acutely aware of, since they have to deceit if they rather would be able to blend in with any human population with a very low chance of being detected by magical devices, but being severely handicapped in their magical power. Or be more powerful and able to defend themselves,but easier to detect.
It is also a matter of ressources since the more magical power a part has the more izthra is required to build them. This is irrelevant in Mezchinarh but not for the chaos wizards.

Generally, on a base design and "software" layer, the newer wizards are less powerful than the old ones by design (making them less dangerous if they turn chaos wizard). They have however much stronger connections to their other parts and Mezchinhar and are much more resilient against chaos interference.